Welcome To Our Brainchild

Separated by 2 states, 1500 driving miles, 3 hours of flying time, and one time zone worth +/- 2 hours, we are MOther and DAUghter united by our shared passion for creativity, especially writing, which is what you’ll find tucked in every crevice of this site. We’re still working out the kinks, as one does when they start a blog, especially one who has zero experience blogging (ahem Mo). So let’s say we’re a work in progress, shall we?

I think what’s so special about this site is that we live in two different states yet we make time to write ‘together’ or at least simultaneously as you’ll see in our In Ten series. Mo planted that seed and together we’ve nurtured it, which has been a cool experience. Yes, Mo is the main talent here. She’s the ultimate artistic pilot, flying through different visionaries, making stop overs in every medium. An inspiration. If only I could paint or write poems and plays or make jewelry…but I can write in my own way and I do love photography. Talk about left and right brains!

Yet the similarities are uncanny (can’t you tell?)….that’s the funny thing about family.

Photobucket "Dau" The Daughter
Click to read mo’ about Mo                                        Click to read mo’ about Dau


One Response to Welcome To Our Brainchild

  1. Cookie Wells says:

    Mo, this is so great. I love the blog. Cookie

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