Baby on Board!

It’s official! We recently shouted out into cyberspace about our pregnancy so now all y’all now know our little secret. I can’t tell you how hard it was to keep this secret for so long. You’re advised to wait to disclose your pregnancy until the “danger zone” is over, at around 3 months, but we kept it within close friends and family until, well until now.  I guess we just wanted some time to get used to the idea but I didn’t think we would need half my pregnancy to get there!

Now with my growing protruding belly it has definitely sunk in. And fast. Before our trip to Ireland over Christmas I wasn’t showing at all–but a week after returning I couldn’t fit into most of my jeans. Normally this would mean I drank and ate WAY too much while on holiday but not this time, especially since I didn’t drink my way through the countryside. Of course there’s no turning back, I can’t just work off the extra size — the belly is only going to get bigger, which I’m learning to embrace. Slowly but surely I’m learning.

I’ve kept a journal of my pregnancy since day one but finally decided to share it here. I’m tellin’ ya — I’ve got some funny takes on it. Like, is it gas or is it “fluttering?” Is swimming ok or will the chlorine turn my baby blue? Am I going to end up with itty bitty but sagging boobies like the tribal women in Africa? What do you mean I have to suck (literally SUCK) out my baby’s boogers?!

Oh yeah, I’m learning a lot along the way. As blindly as we’re going into this baby mama and daddy thing, we’re beyond thrilled for all the changes. Maybe that’s why I haven’t read one baby book yet (much to Mo’s chagrin). Maybe I’m scared of what I’ll learn. (I mean seriously, sucking boogers?) I quite like the happiness we’ve got going on from not knowing too much. Ignorance is bliss, isn’t that what they say? But don’t worry — of course both hubby and I are tiny control freaks so I know my ignorance won’t last too much longer. Until then, I’ll continue to ride the wave and fill all y’all in on how it’s going.



About Dau

"Dau" the Daughter half of Mo-Dau, or you might know me as the Missus. My passion is writing all things me along with conquering the healthy food world with my Healthy Irishman. As we like to say (courtesy of Ricky Gervais) "I was never a late developer, I was a late trier." So here I am, trying.
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