My New Position

Read at Archway January 12, 2012

“I had an interesting call right before the holidays set in as, some of you already know, about a position I’ve wanted for a long, long time. The good news was that I did get the position and I will begin my new role in June this year.  I was so joyful that I jotted down a few words that I’d like to share with you this evening.

My new position
I’m told Does not rely
On being young or old

There are no barriers
And no forms to fill out
It doesn’t matter if
I’m thin or stout
Or short or tall
That doesn’t matter at all

I don’t have to be smart
Or have a degree
What I was told is
They want me for me!

I won’t have to call
The Secretary of State
To renew any filings
No one will make
Or call any clients
Or answer the phones
Or go to the office
I can just work from home

I don’t have to type
Contracts or forms
Or sit at a desk
Or plant rows of corn

I’m not expected to work
Long hectic hours
Or put up with bosses
Hungry for power
Or take all the guff
That I usually do
We want you to be, they said
Your most wonderful you!
Said they’d been thinking
For an awful long time
That whenever I wanted
This job would be mine

And it doesn’t matter
If I can cook or not
But it is helpful to know
How to wipe snot!
And giving out hugs
Will be a daily chore
And changing some diapers
And a few things more
For the first few months
As she gets on her feet
After losing that baby bump
This will be a treat!

And rocking and rocking
In my loving arms
A sweet little baby
With such baby charms
That coos and wiggles
And looks very sweet
Asleep in the cradle
Or red as a beet
Grunting and smiling
And leaving me treats In heavy filled diapers
That usually stink.

But I don’t mind
I’ll stand up to the call
Step into position
In no time at all.
I know I am ready
I’ve waited so long
And practiced
Some dances
And little kid songs
Like patty cake, patty cake
Baker’s man
I sing in the bath tub
Whenever I can
And rub a dub dub
When taking a bath
With 12 rubber duckies
I’m on the right path

And the best part of all
This sweetness and light
This position is mine
For the rest of my life”


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"Mo" the Matriarch, aka Mom.
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One Response to My New Position

  1. Jennifer Tamez says:

    Soooo sweet. I cried. 🙂

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