Falling Off the Dock of The Bay

Last night on American Idol the last contestant to sing belted out “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,” which is Dad’s song, played yesterday on his 7 month anniversary.

We had the episode taped on our DVR and just as the judges asked “Why did you pick that song?” to which she replied, “Because I wanted to appeal to an older audience.” Randy scoffed/laughed a bit “Are you calling us old?”


I guess our DVR decided that was enough for us to see. Or as I’d like to believe, it was Dad playing a prank on us. Why? Well a few seconds later the poor girl fainted off the stage while Nigel yelled for a medic. I just now watched the clip and it’s hard not to wonder if Dad had a hand in that, too. I can hear him now, “An older audience–I’ll show you!” Plonk!

Whether he did or didn’t have his angel wings involved, it certainly made me think of him and for that I am grateful. I’m positive at least one wing was involved in that.


About Dau

"Dau" the Daughter half of Mo-Dau, or you might know me as the Missus. My passion is writing all things me along with conquering the healthy food world with my Healthy Irishman. As we like to say (courtesy of Ricky Gervais) "I was never a late developer, I was a late trier." So here I am, trying.
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