Something About Dau

I was yanked out of the womb butt first, which is so telling. But I became my mother’s daughter, joined at the hip just the two of us conquering the world (or at least Houston, Texas). I grew up going to the beach, museums and watching Mo dabble in her creativity. It was infectious so I found myself dabbling, too — school plays, sketching, sports — those were the creative outlets of my youth.

The world was painted roses until I hit my teens when, I’ll admit, I became the ass that led me into being (remember, yanked out butt first?). In time I grew out of my teenage angst and into my first movie roll, Blue Days Lost, which was about teenagers finding themselves. (I couldn’t have written it or timed it better myself!) It’s ranked as one of the best experiences in my life — I absolutely loved it. So much so that I moved to California in pursuit of becoming an actress. The bug had bitten and I was smitten.

But the Wild West had other plans for me. Running a small furniture & interior design boutique in Venice Beach, I was the girl who dated like a champ but was the queen of getting stood up….until I met my Prince who charmed me with his cooking, no wait, his accent, or maybe it was that he kept buying me beers and kept calling me back!

Life together has been the most rewarding journey thus far.  We live near the beach with a spoiled cat-child (Monkey) whom we adore, have a flourishing catering company and we have a food blog touting healthy seasonal recipes. I am the woman behind the man, the sous chef, the urban gardener, the photographer, the videographer, the editor. You see, hubby’s face belongs on TV and his cooking skills aren’t too shabby either! Together we’re making plans to hit it big time, where I’ll hopefully find my seat in between G.Rams and Becks. Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a dreamer? Oh yeah, and we’re expecting our first baby in June — on our 6th wedding anniversary! I guess dreams really do come true!


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