The Tale of Mo

I like to bake a proverbial pie with my life, shifting creative ingredients through my journey as easily as sifting flour. I started acting out short stories the minute I snapped out of the womb along the El Cajon pass scaring the daylights out of my father and the poor ambulance driver trying to get us to the hospital, and then having to deliver me. But it turned out to be a good thing because I was named after Sister Mary Kathleen who after much searching found me swaddled among the stiff military sheets. Years later one of the nuns at catholic school told me to stop acting up and get serious about my life. So I turned to writing poetry and acted out by reading it in public places (I showed her!). After being in a couple of plays I soon realized that blanking out on stage made being an actor way too dramatic than I could handle, so I turned to painting quietly in the corner of my room. Paint by numbers was big at the age of nine and I learned that if I mixed the paint I could triple the colors in my paint set. I was a clever child though I was never a lonely for I delighted in the joys of reading, writing and painting, and making my mother popsicle stick purses and macaroni paintings.

As the years progressed I turned my creative prowess into making a baby during my second marriage and thus the Dau in Mo-Dau. I have continued my creative endeavors throughout my life, basking in the joy of dancing with my muse and all the other little imps that happen into my stories. My spare room doubles as my studio where I move from writing on the computer, to painting a landscape, to designing the necklace and earrings I will wear with my new outfit or send to Dau. I love writing poetry, which I read at Archway Gallery here in Houston each month and I love writing plays; I’m a produced and published Playwright. I paint in oil and acrylics (but my first love is oils) and my jewelry is yet another way to express my creativity. I also like to get messy in the kitchen with a new found love for making raw food recipes. I do this all in my spare time, after the daily grind of my 8-5 day job but I can’t help it, I’d be lost without creativity.

I am a proud mother of the wonderful and talented Dau and in her absence I’ve found a little white Schnauzer that my daughter swears is the son I never had. He very well may be as he often acts like a child. His name is Hans.

Oh yeah, and I have a blowup bed that gets hauled out whenever Dau comes into town. I look forward to that day, always.


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