Dau Musings

I think and dream…a lot. That’s when I feel free. By nature I’m a type A personality. I like order. I like straight lines. I was never the type to color outside the lines. I’m neat, not messy. But sometimes my mind thinks at random, all over the map without order and I have to say, I like it. I like when I surprise myself and capture a photo off center or draw a line off balance and I don’t erase it. I’m starting to loosen up, embracing a new less structured side of my being. I’ve always had fun with bright colored shoes, pompadour hair, and big “Christy” rings so I guess I’ve always had it in me. But here, here is where I get to shine and let down my hair down properly. I can’t help but think it might end up like Elaine’s dancing (Seinfeld anyone?).

Blurts – A taste of what’s in my head

A Travelin’ Fool – Ramblin’s from my journeys near and far

Nosh – Recipes and foodie stuff (the hubby’s a chef–it’s rubbed off on me!)

Urban Gardens – My latest hobby nurtured by the awe of what can be grown in a city environment


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