In Ten

One day Mo was talking to Dau on the phone about the monthly timed writing classes she attends. Dau was fascinated and asked Mo to try a timed writing session from their respective cities, Houston and Los Angeles. Mo made a list of 50 words, cut them out and dropped them in a bowl. At an appointed time Mo pulled two words, sent Dau an email with the two words, started the timer and at the same time they wrote whatever those words developed into from their noggins. Ten minutes later time was up and they read their writings to each other in amazement of what came from two little words. One session led to two and so on, which is how this all began. This little creative writing exercise, In Ten, was the spark behind Mo-Dau.

1. Vintage/Patient
2. Complaint/Appetizer
3. Swimming/Ouch
4. Compassionate/Roast
5. Godiva Chocolate/Joy
6. Dancing/Hot
7. Partner/Unlimited
8. Wisdom/Pizza
9. Impressive/Fly Fishing


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