Mo Musings

Mo Musings is a hodgepodge of different writings that my muse makes me do to exercise my writing skills. She says that I need to keep writing, even if it’s just particles of ideas floating in space with no particular place to settle.

Shorts – Shorts are little snips of life that dance around me begging me to tell their story.  I don’t know where they come from, or who the people are that I’m writing about sometimes, but they do have life as you will see.

Poetry – There is nothing sweeter than the Spoken Word and this Poetry section is part of a body of work I read/perform as a Poet member of The Archway Readers’ Circle that meets monthly at Archway Gallery in Houston, Texas.  I’m frequently challenged hearing other poets’ amazing work within this group.  These works are meant to be read aloud.

Plays – Playwrights write Plays and I’ve written a few.  A couple of then have even been produced here in Houston and one published.  I’ve earned the right of membership in The Dramatist Guild of NY.  One is a 10-minute play and the other is a 20-minute play so sit  back, read the plays, and enjoy the shows.

Memoirs – Memoirs come from a very special place deep inside our personal experiences and unique to ourselves.  If you don’t let them out, how is anyone going to ever know who you truly were?  I feel it is my responsibility to tell my story as I remember it.

Mango Cafe – Mango Cafe is where I go to eat.  It’s filled with healthy munchies that I love to fix for my friends (you know who you are).  Okay, so maybe some of these great recipes are not the healthiest on the planet, but in moderation you can enjoy them too.  Some of them only hard core raw foodies will enjoy (you know who you are too).


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